Simulated Game Shoots

Simulated Game is for the experienced shooter and is the nearest thing to actual Game Shooting. As with the real thing, you will receive a peg number on each drive, one pair of shooters adopt each peg, one shooting and one loading (plus spotting and hopefully offering advice to their partner!).

You can shoot at your own pace but each shooter will probably shoot between 30-60 cartridges per drive at hundreds of clays being delivered from multiple traps that simulate the real quarry of Pheasants, Partridges, Ducks, Rabbits and even Grouse.

The Sporting Clay Company has six fully automated traps mounted on trailers which can deliver a sporting mixture of standard and midi clays as 'flushes'. We use our traps to simulate Partridges bursting over hedges; Pheasants flushing from cover or together to give the closest sense to the excitement of 'driven' Grouse.

As well as our ground based traps, we have a fully automated trap mounted on a 22m high platform which can show clays that replicate high Pheasants or wild Ducks. Mix this with our reaction testing 'bolting rabbit' trap and you have the opportunity to experience evey aspect of a fantastic days shooting!