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Corporate & Private Clay Shooting Events

Why not experience the excitement of a superb day of shooting for your next hospitality event?

Whether entertaining clients or holding a team building event for your work staff we always ensure everyone goes home at the end of the day with a smile on their face wanting more!

Our corporate hospitality days can be tailored for the complete novice or made especially challenging for the more experienced shooters. All safety gear is supplied by us and you do not need to own a shotgun license to shoot. A typical days session lasts around four hours and is made up of five individual drives in each session.

Typically, you will have the opportunity to shoot up to 250 fibre only cartridges during a full session, depending upon the relationship between you and your loader. We will repeat the drive so that the roles are reversed, you can now either load or laugh for your colleague.

Prices begin from £1300 per session for up to 10 guns (Monday – Friday) and £1500 for a Saturday shoot (we are not open on Sundays), which includes all shooting, instructors, and cartridges followed at the end of the day by a full BBQ including the famous Powter’s Newmarket sausage and home burgers with chips, washed down with a glass of Suffolk beer or a glass of wine. Non-shooting guests are welcome, charged at £25.

Simulated Game Shoots

Simulated Game is the nearest thing to actual Game Shooting. As with the real thing, you will receive a peg number on each drive, one pair of shooters adopt each peg, one shooting and one loading (plus spotting and hopefully offering advice to their partner!).

You can shoot at your own pace but each shooter will probably shoot between 30-60 cartridges per drive at hundreds of clays being delivered from multiple traps that simulate the real quarry of Pheasants, Partridges, Ducks, Rabbits and even Grouse.

The Sporting Clay Company has six fully automated traps mounted on trailers which can deliver a sporting mixture of standard and midi clays as 'flushes'. We use our traps to simulate Partridges bursting over hedges; Pheasants flushing from cover or together to give the closest sense to the excitement of 'driven' Grouse.

As well as our ground-based traps, we have three cherry pickers, 18m; 22m & 29m tall which can show clays that replicate very high Pheasants. The perfect practice before you take on the renown high birds of Wales, Exmoor or Scotland. The duck drive uses a 10m high scissor lift which has three automatic traps mounted on it. These traps are able to throw all 3 sizes of clay; standard, midi and mini randomly over the guns. Just when you felt that you had mastered the standard clay, a mini will whiz over you.

We now have 6 automatic traps mounted on a trailer which comes closest to replicating coveys of partridges or even grouse flying towards you. A great test before you try out the ‘real’ thing.

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